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The therapists are really hit or miss, some barely touch you but some are great.

The contract is a huge hassle. I have a ton of credits lined up but can't use them because I don't want to keep paying for monthly services.

Guess what they do? Lock your credits, that you already paid for!

Want to go to a different location? You can, but they can't see anything about your account, and you can't update anything on your account there. Amazing.

One 'nice' thing was they put my account on hold when the pandemic started, and said it would stay frozen until I asked them to resume.

This was done as a courtesy by them - they reached out to me to offer this.

That lasted all of two months and they started billing again without my consent. I asked management for refunds and to stop billing me, they said ok, but kept billing and did not provide the refunds.

User's recommendation: Find a non-chain massage therapist.

Massage Envy Pros: Sometimes you find a good therapist.

Massage Envy Cons: Expensive, Monthly fee plus extra charges and tips, Therapists quality not always good.

Location: Miami, Florida

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I’ve had same problems in Port Orange, Fl and they don’t have enough therapist so you can’t get appointments for months out all while they keep billing you and refuse to let me use the 13 credits I have.

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