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Dear Steve Green, So-called Spa Owner. {{Redacted}} Owned and operated by Steven Green, so-called Spa-owner, Pathetic.

How does one describe the nature of this company in Myrtle beach. You sign a contract, the contract is a crock of crap. There is a high turnover rate with both the front desk and the massage therapist themselves, which right off the bat is a revelation that the owner does not know what he/she is doing. It seems they do not care, and would rather have sub-par and sub-standard so-called massage therapists working at these two locations.

What is the reason for this? The fact of the matter remains it is easier to control and manipulate sub-standard help. Most employees at these two locations seems unhappy, which is a given since the the stress levels are high and the rate of pay is low. I was looking into opening a location in Georgetown or elsewhere, but the cooperate rules and regulations are such a joke.

The employees are over-worked and under-paid for the services they provide. I have dis-continued my services with this company. However, the fact remains, do not blame the employees. Blame ownership for their weakness and the greedy cooperate company as a whole.

In terms of this company, whenever there is a high turnover rate, one must question the nature of this location/owner/company as a whole. It is such a complete joke. For example when someone you like works on you they are usually gone within six months or less. So, in other words, you have signed a contract, and you just lost your massage therapist.

Now you have to find another one, and that may take pre-paids. So, the contract was a waste of money. It seems the good employees are either frustrated out the door or the owner fires them. It appears they would rather hold on to mediocre help, instead of quality help for whatever reason or reasons.

Perhaps this act has something to do with controlling the sub-par help. However, me and my wife will no longer be seeking their services. We tried male therapists perhaps they tend to have stronger pressure and pay attention to detail. However, the male therapist at this location and at Surfside were lousy.

The pressure was light and they did not pay attention to detail. Don't ask them to focus on anything, because they won't. We tried some female therapists, but that didn't work out either. It appears the owner of this location does not care and maybe should sell the franchise rights to someone else.

Nonetheless, good therapists only get paid $14 per client, which is a lack of respect for the work they do. This rate of pay says they are not worth it. Spend the extra money and go somewhere else. Do not support a corporate franchise such as this.

The fact of the matter remains, do not ever become a member of this company and these Myrtle Beach locations are a complete and serious joke. Use caution before joining. And please test the therapists before joining, if they are good they usually will not last, because for some reason they prefer lousy help over quality help. It sure doesn't make any sense.

DO NOT JOIN. THANKS. Such a pathetic company. Listen to the reviews, Steve Green, So-called spa owner.

You don't know what your doing.

{{Redacted}} Pathetic. Sincerely, Steve Green: Spa Owner.

Product or Service Mentioned: Massage Envy Massage.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

  • Pathic Company
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What a great review about such a pathetic company.


Steve Green. Grow-up.

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