Beware-A new Message Envy opened in Canton so I stopped by to check them out. I thought it would be nice to purchase a spa for my wife and daughter.

I pre-paid a session each plus a $40.00 tip per the suggestion card they displayed. My daughter was 12 and she never went before. Well my daughter chickened out. They were nice to credit her session but told me they would not give my pre-paid $20.00 tip back.

I don't get it?

I paid a generous tip ahead of time with the assumption great service would be delivered. My mistake.

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I used to work at an ME. They're ALL lying.

The *** girls in the front are lying. When you purchase a "prepaid massage" it's most likely on a GC. The employee has the option of putting X amount for JUST the service and X amount for JUST the tip.

The thing is, you can use the tip interchangeably. Meaning if you put X amount for a massage but want a 30 minute upgrade they can put the tip towards it and you can pay tip a different way.

But people are right, there are no refunds on GC's.


My comment should read gift cards AREN'T refundable...which you probably guessed!!


Similar issue here in Texas. Bought my wife and daughter two "Christmas Packages" for massage, facial and tip for $105 EACH.

When my wife called to schedule, she was told these were for a massage OR facial, not both and they didn't include the tip!! Unbelievable. Manager tried to tell me I didn't understand what I bought. Finally agreed to honor them, EXCEPT NO TIP is included!

I won't make this mistake again.

Oh, and the gift cards are refundable....I tried that too!! Steer clear of these guys.

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