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I joined the massage envy membership program over a year ago. I received a one hour massage for $49 dollars a month which was automatically taken out of my checking account.

I called to cancel my membership and was told that in spite of the fact that my contract was up I had to give 30 days and would be charged for another month. I was fine with that, but they proceeded to tell me that I also had to use the 3 massages I had already paid for within 30 days or I would lose them.

I just want to reiterate that $49 had been taken from my checking account and I have $200 worth of massages that if I don't use within 30 days I will lose them! They are paid for! How can they take them if I paid for them?

In addition in the year I have been with them I was not impressed with the massages or facials I received. I tried to cancel sooner but could not get out of contract. A total waste of money!

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Massage Envy is not a reputable company.I could not schedule appointments with them because they would always say they were booked.

That's how I ended up only getting three massages (which were sub-standard. And I paid for 12 massages then lost them because I canceled my membership. Then they billed me an additional month because my written request to cancel was a day after the prior billing schedule.

Scam Scam Scam from begining to end.This was at the Santa Barbara location.


Well your paying monthly to keep member benefits and discounts, including prepaid sessions... Once you stop you can't keep waltzing in whenever to use discounted services that would no longer apply because your not paying for those benefits anymore..your rate will increase back up to the non member rate and your sessions dont apply....and your prepaids roll over each month to help you use em and that's a huge perk unlike a gym membership if you don't go that month that you paid then your out of luck...


Actually, it does not state their specific terms and is very guarded.Also, they do not honor the agreements that they make with u that stipulated ur reasons for becoming a member.

I know a lot of therapists who have quit for the way they treat customers. There is also a lot of turnover at the front desk. And a branch manager?

Forget it-- u'll never see them.U can resolve this through (better business bureau) This seems to really motivate companies to be cooperative.


People need to realize that all of this is listed in the membership agreement.If you're gonna sign it, it might be worth reading over.

If you were to join a gym, not go for awhile and cancel, would you get all your hours back of not going after cancelling?

No.Don't commit to something without knowing what you're getting into.


Its not a scam!Think of it like this you got milk 2 weeks ago and it goes bad, you throw it away correct?!

Or do you do you go crazy and say its a scam that your milk expired and you want your money back?! With that being said you had 3 massages that you didn't use out of a package of 12 that they billed you for every month. You didn't go, not their fault but they were kind enough to give you a month after your membership to use the last 3! So go once a week!

They weren't trying to scam you! You paid for a product you didn't use and with all products they have an expiration if you use it or not! Its a massage for $50 a month what were you expecting?! It won't be as amazing as a 5 star spa but it will still be good to relax!

You want the 5 star experience on a cheaper budget....won't happen! Be happy that places like this help to make relaxation affordable for all! I'm no bill gates, I can't afford to spend thousands of dollars at a spa lol but boy can't I dream!

So for now massage envy is as close as I can get!:)


Dont cancel your membership!!!Call them and tell them you want to put your membership "on hold." This freezes the billing/accruing cycle and gives you a chance to catch up on the massages.

Just make sure you then give the 30 days notice later when you are closer to using up your rolled over massages.:)


It is not a scam.Once you cancel your membership, your account becomes inactive.You have the time remaining to utilize your prepaids.

How can you use prepaids, if you don't have an active account?

Everything is spelled out in your contract.You are just trying to make the company look bad.


Your massages aren't prepaid for ...they are included in your membership rate as a "benefit".

lol. One of your benefits is that you get one free massage a month and they roll over to the next month if you don't use it; however, if you cancel your membership, you lose your benefits. Duh!

It's not a scam.I love my membership.

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