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After speaking to the owner this afternoon, and him being extremely helpful and cooperative, I must admit that the owner himself is an upstanding businessman. I cannot speak to his management and the way I was treated by them, however, the establishment is firm in their ethical code and I can appreciate that. I wish that I had been contacted much sooner and without the prompting of bad reviews, however, with the issue resolved I feel the need rescind my earlier review.

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I have never dealt with a more discourteous, unhelpful, unprofessional staff than this Massage Envy specifically.After being transferred by the military to a location without a Massage Envy close, I requested several different times to cancel my membership (even going so far as to visit a location at home in Virginia and coordinating with them to cancel).

The Pensacola office was uncooperative even with a sister branch and declined to receive a copy of my orders sent straight from that branch. Since then, I have called the Pensacola branch twice asking to speak to the owner (having already dealt with the manager with dissatisfactory results), left a message for whomever it is, and have yet to hear back...months later. I'm still getting charged for their services, which I'm not using.

Oh, also, the money that I've already paid has an expiration date on when I can use them?How is that fair or good business sense, to alienate a customer because they have no choice of living situation?

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Worst business experience in my life.Manager Lynsley is unprofessional and unhelpful.

I am so displeased with my service here I can't even begin to explain.Do not ever go to the Pensacola Massage envy location.


How do i contact the owner of the pensacola massage envy. I cannot get any of information out of the "manager" on duty, she keeps hanging up on me or removing the phone from the hook. I figured he should know how his business is being handled, but have no way of contacting him.


I agree with Sharon and Mary: of all the people you will deal with, the owner of the Pensacola Massage Envy is the LEAST "upstanding businessman" you will ever work for!There are meetings at least 1 time a month for him tp reiterate to the therapists that they are completely expendable; "I can hire anyone off the street fresh out of school to do massage" is one of his favorite expressions, and yet he wonders why the clients frequently rate the quality of massage as being subpar!

When you refuse to invest in experienced people and treat them with the respect their expertise and training warrant, you are going to get a staff that is essentially a bunch of students giving the same mediocre massage, since most come from the same school.

Other ME franchisees offer benefits, or even give a free massage to their employees to keep them healthy; Pensacola employees get no health benefits and only a marginal discount, and their appointments can be bumped if anyone else wants that time slot.Oh, and if you think your therapist is making a majority of the money you are actually paying for that massage, think again: most of them are only making $15 per massage hour!

to Former M***age Employee Pensacola, Florida, United States #752983

The owner, Doug, is dispicable.I would NEVER support this location or ANY location he is associated with.

He is rude, crass, and just a plain horrible human being. Here's the thing...this owner has the most Massage Envy members in the region. This is most likely because of the need but it is a fact that has certainly gone straight to his oversized ego! This makes him think that he is important.

After having business relations with this man and his wife and his management team, I can say with authority that he has no idea that he is basically a quarter step above running a McDonalds, which is an unfair insult to Mcdonalds everywhere- Doug just thinks he is running some kind of franchise that is way more important than it actually is. I have nothing negative to say about the front desk or the massage therapists, except that I wish they believed in themselves more than to work for such a dispicable person. I am not surprised by past employee comments as Doug and his management team, including Amy, Lauren and his wife are the type of people the Universe shouldn't reward with success. He is arrogant and ignorant and it is quite funny how important he thinks he is.

Please do the world a favor and pass on massage envy Pensacola and gulf breeze. You might as well be throwing a *** artist all of your money. If you ever meet him in person, you will absolutely get "that" feeling in your stomach that you are in bad company. I have never heard anyone in his...

I very much dislike people like this. Sorry Massage Envy, but you are a joke! Madsage Therapists, do yourself a favor and cross this off the list of possible employment. You will make a lot more money on your own without having to deal with this skeeze.

I have also witnessed him get away with multiple inappropriate comments and even sexual harassment. I was so appalled that I had to look him up and see what others were saying.

I am glad I am not alone but also sad that he hasn't been shut down.I have a feeling that it is only a matter of time.

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I agree with Mary.He is not a upstanding businessman.

I worked for him. His only concern is getting as much money out of you before you throw the word attorney out. Working conditions are horrible and that is why someone quits evry 2 months.

Very rude and sneaky.He got caught stealing therapists tips and fired the girl when she brought it up to him


the owner is not an upstanding business man, he teaches and encourages the girls up front to act they way the do. Any manager that has any respect or kindness are let go and the extremely rude girls are kept on.

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