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I just want to explain the Massage Envy enrollment program, warts and all: The main membership is the 12 Month Dues Membership. It says "membership," but keep in mind that it's really a contract.

You can't change your mind. At my location (it varies), the dues are $59 a month (gratuity not included, which you pay each time based on your level of satisfaction). That $59 dues payment includes one "prepaid" massage. The massages roll over, so you don't lose them as long as you're a member--but yes when you cancel, you will lose any accumulated prepaids.

You do have an entire year to use them! But if you cancel early (which is only allowed if you can prove you've moved 25 miles from the nearest ME or have a doctor's note) you will lose your unused prepaid massages that much earlier. So if you think you might move to the middle of nowhere within the next year, don't sign, or just get the 3 or 6 month. Anyway, back to the 12 month: any additional 1 hr massages are $39 for the hour at my location.

That member rate varies by location, so if you walk into an ME right outside of Manhattan or something, expect to pay more. But your membership dues rate is guaranteed for 12 months, and you can use that included prepaid anywhere. A facial costs $10 more than your prepaid massage (covering the cost of the Murad products used). It costs $10 to transfer your massage to someone else (member or not) but you can only transfer to the same person once every 6 months.

That's to prevent anyone from latching on to your membership--they want couples to get separate memberships. No two people can share a single membership. You can freeze your membership for up to 6 months. No prepaids are drafted while your account is frozen.

If your credit card on file expires (that's a big thing--keeping an up-to-date card on file), your membership is suspended. This is not a way to get out of the contract! Unfortunately, you signed it--ME requires that you replace it with a new credit card and reactivate your account to use any services, even your prepaids, and you will get collection calls and such. It's not illegal.

You can never cancel a contract by cancelling the associated credit card; it just won't work. You signed up. If you really do want to receive a massage every month, and aren't planning to move, the Massage Envy membership is a good deal. But don't sign the contract thinking that you can change your mind or cancel your card!

If you sign, your copy of the enrollment agreement will have the expiration date of your membership written on it. Write on your calendar a reminder to cancel exactly 30 days before your membership will expire--you should be able to walk in to your location on that day, fill out your cancellation form, and not be drafted any additional dues payment. Just make sure they give you the date of your last dues payment draft. However, if you are enjoying the regular massages after the 12 months contract is up--don't cancel!

Your membership will go into auto-renew. This is actually a good place to be. You are drafted every month, and receiving all services at member rates, but you are no longer bound by a contract. An ME member in auto-renew is probably the best value on massages in the country.

Just in keep in mind that if you decide to cancel while on auto-renew, it will still take 30 days. And of course while in auto-renew you can use up any unused prepaids from your membership. If you keep an updated card on file, use your massages regularly, and don't move away or change your mind, the membership really is a good option. Massage has a cumulative benefit.

No ME can guarantee that your favorite therapist will always be available or anything like that, but if you're open to trying different therapists, and you've found a friendly and well-run location that's convenient for you, it's the best value for receiving regular massages.

Oh, and if you're planning to try to schedule a couples' massage for Valentine's Day--call and schedule it now! And yes, I'm writing this in September!

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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Can you continue to use your prepaids if you have your account frozen?


Very good written article. I work at ME and I'm shocked that people don't take time to read the contracts before signing them.

I always give my clients time to read the contract so they full understand what we are offering.

If they are still unsure, i let them take the information home to go over it some more. People just need to learn to read and if the SA is talking, politely ask them to stop so you can read it.


Take it from an ex manager for 3 years of mASSage envy that 80% (& im being generous with that number)of ME's do not send you to collections so you can simply cancel whatever card your membershit is set up with and after 3 months of calling and calling and calling they will "cut their losses" and cancel the membership. It actually costs more money than you owe to go after you through collections.

Now, if in fact you are sent to collections all you have to do is fabricate a doctors note that you can no longer receive massage and they legally have to cancel your membership with no bullsh**. They will NEVER call and question the legitimacy because as we all know it is against the law. Yes, I am a disgruntled employee but that doesn't make everything I just said true.

If you want out of your membership for poor services or you just cant afford it then do what I said and you are free.

you're welcome ;)



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