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I was scheduling an appointment at massage envy and everything is going good at first until they told me I had to pay double since I didn't have a membership.

Which is kind of strange since a membership costs 60 dollars a month which is a waste just to save $21.00 so I talked to the manager and she wasn't very friendly, she even canceled the appointment without me saying I wouldn't come in, I know it's a facility clinic but that doesn't mean that they have to be clinical about it, you know?

Product or Service Mentioned: Massage Envy Massage.

Location: Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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I did not care for their sneaky behavior and no payment up front method. They wait till you are done with the massage and then stick you with a higher bill and try to sell you a monthly program.

Thank God I have the abillity to say "no" and what you are doing is not right. The "mistake" was handled, but it sounds like they do this to a lot of customers.

I will not ever, ever, ever go back to this business again. Sneaky and dishonest are not what you look for in a massage place.


I went to one of their sites yrs ago and received a horrible massage which prompted by decision to never return. They asked for.

Feedback; I told them that I had to stop the session because the therapist was palpating my spine which is contraindicated (not safe) you think they offered another session free of charge with a more expierenced therapist THINK AGAIN!!!

NEVER RETURNED!!! Honestly I don't. Know. How they're.

Still in business. Nightmare on ELM STREET!!

I went to the one on 183rd Harlem. Chicago


I had a massage back in March 2013 it was very good, at the end I sign for a membership three week later my car was vandalize and my purse was stolen o course I forgot about Massage envy, I got a call when my payment didn't go through due to all my accounts where closed talked to a gentleman from the Glendora CA office asked to cancel my membership, he stated that it was OK, now I got a bill for $118.00 I called to find out why I'm been bill when I canceled my account and the girl that help said that I can't cancel my membership for one year, and that's not what I was told when I sign they told me that I can cancel any time. I used to get gift cards for friends and relatives, I wont do that again.


I surprised a family member in Pensacola, Florida with a massage at Massage Envy. Since she'd never had a massage, she specifically asked that her therapist be a woman.

I made this very clear to the young lady at the front desk, and her appt was scheduled with a Korean therapist by the name of Liping (pronounced Leaping). She arrive at the appointed time for her appt, but was introduced to a black male named Derrick as her therapist. She was unable to relax and enjoy her 90 minute massage, wondering why her therapist had been changed to Derrick without her or myself being notified. What kind of professional practice is this?

Of course, she waited until we were outside before sharing this info with me, because she knew that I would be very unhappy and cause a scene.

Never again will I frequent this business. Nor should you.


The Glenloch Farms location in Houston is the worst customer service ever. We have been members for several years with a standing appointment on Saturday.

When my therapist leaves apparently it is my fault for not letting them know and my fault for not finding another therapist that is available at my standing appointment time?... and the manager basically calling me a liar.

They continually screw up the scheduling and call us to confirm appointments that we don't even have??? or call two days before the appt to tell us we didn't pick a therapist?

I feel like they take away all the benefits of a massage by adding the stress of the scheduling errors, insults and accusations. I have never been so disrespected in my life!


Me and my wife went to the one in Santa Fe NM while on vacation. My therapist stunk like strong perfume and her long nails were painted.

Doesn't the state inspect these places? :( The place was overall dirty. Carpeting and walls stained. Never again.

A private therapist costs just as much with way more to offer in the way of professionalism, cleanliness and time. You only get 50 minutes. Not an hour. The way too young Sales Associates greet you after your massage with a high pressure sales pitch.

You start immediately feeling pressured and stressed.

Nightmare. Definate No Go!


I work for ME. It is awful.

It is far more awful than what is spoken here. The economy is tanking how can I leave there?

The last few days I can't really sleep or eat. Total nightmare.


Great massage at a Columbus franchise. Facial good too, but not an hr AND an extra $10 for Murad products.

To me that is akin to lying about the price, as there is no choice in products used. I resent that.


Massage Envy Pocket Greenhaven Sacramento,Ca.

No ethics, worse customer service i have ever encountered. NEVER, NEVER sign in as a member.

Membership agreement is the worse agreement ever made. When you want to stop it for any reason, you are caught as a prison.

It is tough dealing with them.Please read previous comments with other locations. You will get what I mean.


I am a massage therapist and am very people oriented, and focus on health and good positive energy. I am appalled that massage is being used in such an uncaring way.

THIS is not how massage therapists are supposed to be. Just wanted everyone to know.




Bad experience at the wichita maize location. Had a group of 5 and 3 had bad experiences.

When we nicely complained to the "manager" there were no apologies and no offer of compensation.

One waited 30min to go back, one came out greased from head to toe even after asking none be used near her hair, and one was 40 min and didn't move from her back. Not going back.


I hear this a lot.

Why not come to Massage At Bejanies.



How come these people are still in business? Horrible ethics.

Paid up for two years, got cancer so I could not have a massage per my doctor. They would not allow me to transfer even to another family member, nor would they refund anything to my credit card. I'm ripped off to the tune of over 400.00!! If anyone wants to file a class action, please sign me up!!!

They don't even respond when you call them crooks. I guess they are used to it.


Massage Envy in Delafield, WI is by far the worst place I ever worked. I took the job right out of school, after all staff&facutly warning us for the past year never, ever to go there. I took the job to get experience because nowhere else would hire me fresh from school.

This location actually offered us benefits but the premiums were so incredibly high and the coverage so *** that only 1 person I knew of took advantage of it...I would not have had a paycheck had I been enrolled in benefits plans. The pay was insulting to start, the owner then cut our pay to raise capitol for opening another M.E. clinic. Despite that paychecks were still consistently short and trying to get this fixed lead nowhere.

Management expected us to massage everyone...whether they had medical contraindications or not, whether we were trained to provide the services they wanted or not...ethically questionable to say the least. Manager would drink regularly with underage front desk staff and even cohosted a halloween kegger with one.

I could go on and on with examples of why nobody should support this business model, EVER, even the locations that are more professional still support a business that exploits college educated, licensed professionals and really lowers the standards of practice nationwide.

THERAPISTS: No matter how desperate you are DO NOT apply at massage envy!! I would sooner work at McDonalds, and I am a tree hugging vegetarian bleeding heart liberal who HATES McDonalds!


This was the worst experience ever!

Massage envy is a horror show. The therapists (if you can call them that) are all fresh from school and have no idea what they are doing. Never never go here.


I have worked for massage envy as a sales associate and as one of the ME therapists stated above, they do abuse their employees. It is a very stressful and demanding job.

If you are not selling memberships as an associate you will be fired. The management is not very friendly and often sits back and does nothing when on the clock because they make more than the sales associates. They do not teach customer service very well, so the associates are often getting complaints and they only care about making money.

I do not recommend going to a massage envy because they are not very welcoming and they are abusing their employees. You can find cheeper rates.


ok, as a therapisst at a massage envy, i have a few things to say... clients are not the only ones getting screwed...

we therapists get screwed by the company AND often, the clients... yes, ME lies to hire fresh out of school therapist they can abuse ( i work at one in a different city, because my small town has zero jobs, not even a denny's!) i am experienced and i make *** money at ME, which is why they ask you to tip so high... here's when the client abuse comes... you pay your flat rate and i get the same pay whether i give deep tissue or not and then you give me a *** tip after i beat up my body for you...

i think ME is a horrible place, i get no raises, no medical benefits, our boss took our vaca, sick pay and dropped our wages (ME Palm CITY btw)... and i believe that if places like ME are going to devalue our career, we need to unionize... at this time, i am looking into getting the nurses union to help us out... please, complain about ME all you want, but please remember that those therapists are either new at this or just have nowhere else to go in this economy...

it's the company and the franchise owners that are not only abusing you, the client, they are abusing us, the therapist.... thank you


I would not recommend massage envy, if you enjoy a consistent massage therapist who does not speak throughout the entire massage. Massage envy in Robinsville NJ states they have evening hours, however when you try to call for an appointment they never have anyone available, this has happened to me four times in two months, I see a trend.

When I joined they stated evening hours are readily available, I have no had this experience.

I have been getting massages for years and massage envy in Princeton and Robinsville have been the worse massages I have ever received.

Hope other people have better experiences!


I work at a clinic 1 day a week to make up for my slow weeks at my other job. I was recently told by the owners that they are immplementing software that will look up a person/clients new debit or credit card number after the old one expires.

This is completely illegal but they are going to start doing this in the very near future. Do not join their membership scam. There are much better therapist at day spas that are afforded time to spend with you and get paid enough to make a living, so they are happier and more able to focus on you. As a therapist you are also given many more tools at a real spa that can help your clients to relax and heal.

You pay for what you get. I definitely do not give the same massage or experience at Massage Envy that I am able to give at the spa.

Go to a real spa or better yet find a private therapist. A private therapist is usually much more trained and although you may pay more, you get real results with someone who cares.

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