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During Christmas 2010.I went into Massage Envys Spa at Livermore, CA at 2100 Portola Ave.

to buy a gift card for my wife for Christmas. The lady ask how much do I want to buy on my card. I told her that I wanted one or two hour massage. She then responded that if I purchase two hour I can get the introductory rate for $98.

So I purchased two hour for $98 which she wrote on the card $98 - 2 hour massage. a month later my wife call to make a appointment to redeem for the 2 hour massage. They told her that since she been to the establishment twice before. she can not use the gift card for 2 hr.

she have to pay the different for the reg. 2 hr.rate or joint membership. I called the spa and spoke to the manager that, when they sold me the gift card they did not tell me nor is written on flyer that this can not be use for patron that have visited the spa more then two time without jointing membership. They admitted that was part of their employee mistake not telling me the policy.

If they have told me . I wouldn't have bough it. Do you think that if you want to buy a gift card for this kind of service as a gift to someone. You would go to them and ask ...

Honey, I want to get you a massage for Christmas. Have you been to Massage Envy before ? Ha.... most unlikely.

They still refuse to accept the card for the two hour service. Do not go to Envy. They will *** you to joint. For those who want to buy someone a gift card.

DON'T. Is only good for member and people that have not been there before.

But they do not tell you when you buying it.Bad customer service and false advertising.

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Same thing happened to my husband at the Brentwood location.They said it was a Mother's Day Special and they KNEW I had been there before because they looked up my name.

They won't even let us return the gift card so I can go somewhere else.Total rip off, never again will I go to Massage Envy.

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