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Here is the rundown of the “massage” I received today. Background – My name is Chrys Francis I have been a member for many years.

I do not often get the time to receive a massage so when I am able to find the time it is a big deal. As evidenced by the fact that I have 21 sessions built up. In effort to both use the sessions and find time for myself, I have made it a point to make an appointment and come in. The last time I booked a massage was in January, it was Pitiful!

The guy talked about himself and his massage school experiences like he was teaching me to be a masseuse. The front desk asked me to fill out questions on an iPad and the fellow completely ignored my request and even forgot to massage one of my legs! It was a 90 min massage because you didn’t have a 2 hour available. Besides the inconvenience of constant interruption of excessive “draping” the entire experience was terrible.

I didn’t complain to the front desk. After the massage I received an email asking me to rate the experience, I took the time and effort to lay out the entire bad experience. Someone from your office, maybe you, reached out and indicated they read my survey and wanted to discuss the matter. NO CALL or attempt to reach me!

Fast forward to today. Last night I was able to book a 2 hour massage to begin at 9:15. This morning there was an emergency and the front desk was able to accommodate my request to delay the massage time for 15 mins without a reduction in the 2 hour time and the fact that I wanted to add aroma therapy, I appreciated that. I arrived 5 mins early, the front desk was nice and accommodating.

I was taken back at 9:26, the technician asked me the questions and completed the information via the iPad (guessing you changed your procedure and now the technician completes the questions on the iPad on your behalf..it would have been smarter to have me the client fill it out while i was waiting?) anyway the tech asked the questions however, it was very difficult to understand her as her English was broken and not clear. It was a difficult and unnecessary conversation. So now we’ve wasted x amount of time on the IPad questions. She leaves the room and she and I both note the time was exactly 9:30.

I then get ready for the massage she wants to start face up which is strange for a 2 hour massage but whatever, I laid down NO bolster for my legs and the lights up FULL and wait… she comes back in at 9:36!!! Then I have NO IDEA what she was doing she was messing around with lotion or something and I have No idea when she started the clock. I specifically discussed the fact, in the *** wasted of time ipad questions, that I did NOT want either my scalp or my abdomen done, I did want focus on my neck, back and my joints (elbows and knees) and I did want my face done. She started the massage with a 5 min scalp massage which was ridiculous because my hair was up in clips!

And I didn’t want it..NOT a good start! Then she did my pecks for like 7 min’s it was *** and bad form!!! Then she worked on my right arm, right leg and foot, left leg and foot and then right arm. I found it to be distracting the she did the right peck (forever) and then the left peck (forever) but then when it came to my limbs she went around instead of back and forth..

it just seemed amateurish! This experience was the opposite of the excessive waste of time draping from last month, instead she would leave my body uncovered and walk over to get lotion etc? I was freezing. Never asked if the temp was okay!

I have to say I have NEVER been in a massage when the tech leaves the lotion over on the little table and walks around you and away from you every second to plop out more lotion… every hear of a pump and a holster? Most masseuses try to keep a hand on you at all times possible! The noise of her trying to eke out the lotion every few minutes was so distracting! Furthermore, the concentration was such that I could barely smell it!

She waived her hands above my face for me to get a whiff but that , besides being weird and distracting (not relaxing) having her waiving hands above my face because I was on my back, was IT! The other thing that I thought was odd was how quickly she was moving through my limbs not paying any attention to my joints like I asked. I also thought it was strange that she didn’t address my neck at all when on was on my back …So then she said it was time to turn over- I had to remind her that she never did my face, she then remembered and then did a weak massage on my face NOT EVEN addressing sinuses! Isn’t that sort of standard?

ALSO she did my face AFTER she did my feet! Gross! So I’ve turned over face down so my back is exposed, she then precedes to put some warmish towel on my back and sort of wash my back ..my back was not covered and completely exposed. ..IT WAS FREEZING AND TOTALLY Unnecessary SHE SAID IT WAS SO THE LOTION WOULD SINK IN??

SO WHY NOT DO THE WHOLE BODY then- so the lotion should only sink in on my back??? The fact is after laying on a heating pad to turn over in the cold air and have someone put a warm towel on you and leave it until it turns cold—twice! STINKS! It ruined the best part of the massage I was freezing and WET!!!!!!!!!

She never dried it off… she just added lotion to my freezing wet back?????? Awful!!!! So then, she starts the back massage absolutely no rhyme or reason like she’s never given a back massage mostly upper back, no attention to my neck now that I was face down either, she did not address my neck at any time during the massage, and very little to NO work on my lower back, just the same motion over and over .. it was icky..

she raced through it and then again did my limbs still no attention to the joints, then goes back around and does my feet and then (she must have realized that it was a 2 hour massage right then) goes back to rubbing my back??? I have never had such a disorganized massage it was train wreck! So then she rubs my , primarily shoulder blades?, and upper back for like 30min I guess to eat up the time that she miscalculated. My arms and part of my legs were uncovered it was cold and bizarre!

So then .… she covers up my back and finally adjusts the blanket so my whole body was covered (thanks now that the massage is essentially over) and proceeds to do ANOTHER scalp massage to end the session!! So I am laying facedown… she finishes the scalp massage AND instead of whispering “the massage is over I will step out an get some water I will meet you outside the door”. Like every masseuse EVER says at the end of a RELAXING (not) massage.. she picks up the ipad and starts asking me questions ??

of course then we are back to the same problem of her absolute inability to articulate in a way which she could be understood, asking (I THINK) to book my next appointment? I was/am furious! I told her politely that she was ruining the experience and that I would talk to her outside the room. SHE WOULD’NT LEAVE she told me it was her job and she had to ask me the questions ..

I told her forcible to GET OUT of the room and FINALLY she did. I marched her up to the front desk to complain (even the front desk couldn’t get her to understand to stop asking questions) My complaint was heard but the DAMAGE IS DONE! Furthermore-- side note when she was done for the second time doing my feet getting ready to do my scalp she used some hand sanitize and WIPED HER HANDS OFF on the sheet that was “covering” me SICK!!!!!!!!!!! I am so creeped OUT and the sheets were not properly formed to the massage table so I could see the damaged discolored memory foam underneath (or whatever it is) YUCK!!!

I want my money back for the sessions I have on file. This event happened 15 days ago, I immediately contacted Massage Envy.

Today they finally contacted me saying too bad you have to use the credits regardless of the fact that the services are beyond sub par! Going to write to the BBB as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Massage Envy Massage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Mar 06, 2017.
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Although I would have loved the scalp massage, it overall doesn't sound like a pleasant experience. MEs are notoriously awful in the way of customer service, so yeah, not surprised they won't do anything.


You sound like a real piece of work...

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