Long list of problems: here are a few. I joined in California and was told my free message was good anywhere.

So I live in Pa and when I wanted to use it they said I have to go back to Cali to use it. NEXT:

inexperienced: I was told by one employee they use a lot of new people just out of school. NEXT: I had my credit card put on hold by Capital One due to fraud and when I went to book a massage they siad NO WAY. Your card is frozen.

I checked into that and they were correct BUT I had not used my prior months massage and it was already paid for, BUT they said sorry you paid for it but you cannot use it until you reactive the account. Now that was the last straw. I had other issues with them like rescheduling on their end . I went in and they double booked and they would not honor me with a free massage.BUT if you miss an appointment they will charge you for it.


Don't be fooled with the lower cost. Its all about them and not about you.

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