For Mother's day I received a gift card for Massage envy. I called to make an appointment, after much information was given, they ask for my credit card number, even though I was using a gift card.

She would not book the appointment unless I gave a credit card number or brought the gift card to the site in advance. REALLY? DO NOT give Massage Envy gift cards!!!! They will inconvenience the recipient.

So now I have a gift card that was sent to me with much love, that is a cause of stress, instead of stress relief. I would suggest Massage Heights, they don't hassle you.

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Never been there but they put a charge of over $100 on my credit card. They didn't have our physical card as it is in our possession.

We called fraud immediately and canceled card. Must be inside job as the transaction was supposedly in person.p :roll

Fairport, New York, United States #607334

You guys are SO dumb. They ask for the number because someone is RESERVING the time FOR YOU!

Dont YOU hate when someone ditches you? I know for a fact that the system they use wont keep ANY appointments after closing w/o a gift card. You expect to be charged when you a make an appt at your docs office and dont show up right? All of you guys just want a reason to be mad and cant think logically because your too imature to SUCK IT UP.

IF your going to make the appt and know you wont get charged whats the big deal mam? you're...pathetic.

to WhatWHAT #1086104

Actually, I did give massage envy gift card to my husband. He was okay with using his credit card to make the reservation for the massage.

However, when he got there, they went ahead and charged him for the massage on his charge card, even though he was using a gift card. So they attempted to double charge him!

We found out that they ran our Am Ex card to charge him again for the massage. That is called THEFT.

Blairsville, Georgia, United States #604938

It's to make sure you show up for your appointment. If not I am sure there is a 50% cancellation fee.

It's to make sure that you will be coming in for your service.


if they put numbers on there gift cards they could always just make them invalid if the client no shows. its a gift card they have already been paid for the service.


Wouldn't there be a number on the gift card you could give then instead?


They do that because it helps people to be accountable to their appointments. So many people make these appointments then just don't show up. Hotels do the same thing, do you complain then?

to Td Dallas, Texas, United States #628462

It's just another scam. Paid for gift card and then they sign you up and start charging your credit card for membership you never asked for.


Or you could give them your credit card number and stop stressing. They won't charge you unless you add anything on to your service.

You cause your own stress. There's no wonder someone gave you that as a gift!!

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