Mediocre massages and less than mediocre customer service at this particular site.

*BEFORE YOU SIGN UP KNOW THIS* that when you want or need to cancel, they require a 30 day notice- and you will be charged one more month after that- and you have only the next 30 days to use the massages you have already paid for, no matter how many that may be. Also you can only gift on massage a month with a $10 fee. And you cannot cash out your unused massages.

In my example I was just let go at work. I called massage envy to cancel my monthly membership. And I was told that I had to come in or email my cancelation request-fine. Also that I will be charged one more time, and I only have the next 30 days to use the 4.5 massages I have already paid for at $60 a pop. So because I am unemployed now and cannot afford to pay the monthly fee of $60, I have to still pay another $60 and only have 30 days to use 4.5 massages or lose out on $270.

Does anyone agree with this business model? Since I paid when I signed up and the massages and monthly charges started then, how is it that I have to pay one more time, but do not get a massage out of that? And how is it that I have paid in full $270 worth of unused massages that massage envy will not honor after 30days?

Well I can tell you that I will never sign up with this company again. Nor will they ever see any more of my money.

A better deal is going through your insurance and getting massage at the co pay rate. Or network on FB or CL, there are plenty of really good massage therapists out there looking for more work. And then you can truly know that you are getting what you pay for with no contracts.

Review about: Massage Envy Massage.

Monetary Loss: $270.

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Each month your paying for member benefits and the benefit of allowing them to roll over, yes 30 days are needed, (stated clearly in enrollment line,first line) how do you expect to cancel verbally when you didn't join verbally...They need 30 days notice to prevent future payments you can't just a day before your about to be billed...makes sense?

They give you 30 days from your final payment to use any accumulated sessions , they don't have to do that but indeed it's fair because they roll over to help you out but if your not using them that's your loss.

It's like a gym I've never heard of calling a gym and just saying you want to cancel, be realistic.Accept your responsibilities!

Dallas, Texas, United States #612467

Seriously? You are complaining because they are asking you to adhere to the terms of the contract that you signed? It is a MEMBERSHIP program! You can roll you massages over if you don't use them but if you cancel the service outright it isn't unreasonable for them to keep what basically amounts to monthly dues. If you had a membership at a golf club that you paid $500 a month for but there were a few months that you didn't have time to golf and then decided to cancel or sell your membership outright would you expect the club to allow you to continue using the facility a few more months to make up for the months you didn't golf when you were a member?

As far as cancellation policy, 30 days written notice to cancel is standard for most cancellation policies in ANY industry. Just look at a health club membership! I know it sucks to lose your job and have to come up with an additional month of dues for that 30 days of notice...but they do have a program that allows you to suspend your membership temporarily...and once it is reactivated allows for use of your unused massages.

As far as insurance goes...only in extreme cases involving physical therapy do most insurance companies cover massage. And FB & CL do have good qualified MT...but those people will also charge you twice what ME charges for the same amount of time.

From the looks of your post you were happy with them until you decided that you didn't want to hold up "your end of the...

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