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Massage Envy reviews, Massage Envy complaints, read Massage Envy reviews, find Massage Envy reviews, Massage Envy scam reports
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  • 380 complaints
  • $33,168 claimed losses
  • $87 average
  • 39351 since Aug 10, 2008

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Massage Envy
Main address: 14350 North 87th Street, Suite 200 85260 Scottsdale Arizona
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Massage Envy reviews, Massage Envy complaints, read Massage Envy reviews, find Massage Envy reviews, Massage Envy scam reports
  • 380 complaints
  • $33,168 claimed losses
  • $87 average
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  • Apr 12
  • Pinellas Park, Florida
  • Facial Wash
  • 9

The facial consisted of a fast wash, 2 masks and application of their products. He did use a steamer-aimed solely at my neck. No lovely massage at all. I said the product stung and was told the next step would change that. It didn't. My face felt tight and dry afterwards even though it was unpleasantly shiny with products. I said I didn't like the feel or the smell of the products but when I went... Read more

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  • Mar 10
  • Massage Envy Membership
  • 18

Few months ago I call to cancel my membership. The agent told me that since I almost did use my membership and due to moving to a long distant area my membership could be cancelled ( as it says on the contarct at their website). After this call I wasn't charged any more. I thought everything was set. However, One day, out of the blue, and without any correpondence or phone call my credit card was... Read more

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  • Mar 05
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Service Contract
  • 43

I received my Massage Envy deal as a Christmas gift. The Massage Envy "contract", however, is very suspicious. Nowhere in the contract does it state "when" you can actually "cancel during the renewal period". Because I wasn't sure if it was 30, 60 or 90 days prior to cancellation, I simply sent a certified letter 90 days in advance, as notice of my cancellation. In reply to my certified... Read more

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  • Mar 01
  • Fair Oaks, California
  • Yearly Contract
  • 33

I stupidly signed up for a yearly contract, i called with four months to go to say i wanted to cancel when my year ended. no problem! i made an appointment for a massage, i was told i had 7 credits left. when i showed up, they told me i couldn't use my credits because my membership had cancelled. my credits expired when i stopped paying the month fee. i know this is in the contract, i read... Read more

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  • Feb 28
  • Massage
  • 7
  • 114

I was having my second massage with this therapist the first was perfect. When I turned over to het my shoulders and neck rubbed he started breathing heavy in my ears, rubbed his face on mine then next thing I know he is kissing me. Preforming oral and having sex with me. I let him. I have been since after telling my husband of 20 + years about it was suicidal. I got counseling and realized... Read more

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  • Feb 25
  • Riverside, California
  • Billing Scam
  • 4
  • 61

After being a member for two years, I wanted to cancel my account because of the departure of some good therapists and my inability to find one that was good among those who remained. I also was receiving physical therapy and the massages were actually doing me some harm, according to my physical therapist. So I needed to stop the membership. When I tried to do so, the woman at Massage Envy told... Read more

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  • Feb 17
  • Bellingham, Washington
  • Full Body Massage
  • 41

My first massage at Massage Envy in Bellingham. Bad vibe from the beginning from the guy. Paid for 1-1/2 hour massage,full body I thought. He massaged the front side muscles of my neck over and over. I was sore for a week. He made a claw of his hand under the back of my head at times. He sat behind me where I could not see him the whole time and barely talked. Creepy. I was a new customer... Read more

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  • Feb 01
  • Bethesda, Maryland
  • Membership Cancellation
  • 1
  • 36

I moved overseas and forgot to cancel my membership (Bethesda MD franchise). I call; they say you need to fill out a form and promise to send it. Never arrives. Call again. Same story. Call again. Long and short of it -- never get the form and each month the credit card gets charged. On a trip to Boston in December I went to a Massage Envy store and filled in the form which they fax to the... Read more

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  • Jan 24
  • Homestead, Florida
  • Prenatal Massage
  • 2
  • 68

I had a prenatal massage this afternoon at Massage Envy Kendall (Miami). It is literally the WORSE massage I had in my life. The receptionist called me one day earlier and told me to be there 15mins before my appointment starts, I got there 25mins early. I finish filling up their forms in 5 mins. Despite arriving early, they still started my appointment 5mins later than the appointed time. ... Read more

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  • Jan 13
  • Bowie, Maryland
  • Collections Threats
  • 2
  • 56

God forbid you should suffer some kind of financial hardship because aside from your being medically incapacitated you cannot be released from your contract. I told the manager that I am no longer working and therefore do not have the financial means to pay for the monthly service, she said the only way to get out of the contract is if I give them a letter from my doctor saying I'm unable to... Read more

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